Austin + Jess


Austin Drawhorn is a wedding & portrait photographer.

Hey! I'm Austin, lead photographer.

I bring a photojournalist's mindset and a genuine love of people and their stories to all that I do.

I'm super laid back and an expert director — whether you're totally shy in front of the camera or you live to model, I'm gonna help you look your best. Questions? Requests? Insecurities? I'm here to help!

On an important note: I can quote the movie Matilda front-to-back, love Hall & Oates, and I'm in an 80's synthpop band.


Austin's portrait/documentary work has been featured in 303 MagazineThe Denver Post's The Know, Denverite, Westword, Boulder Weekly and Denver Metro Media, primarily helping share the stories of all sorts of fascinating people across Colorado. 


Jess Drawhorn is a wedding officiant, planner & coordinator

I'm Jess! I marry people and lead the behind-the-scenes workings of our business. I shoot sometimes too!

I want to help you have exactly the wedding experience you’re hoping for! If you’d like to hop out of the car somewhere beautiful and do a five-minute ceremony, we can do that. If you want to snowshoe into the backcountry for an epic sunset mountain shoot, I’m there. There’s nothing better than witnessing incredible acts of love in my favorite secret spots all over Colorado.

I make excellent veggie sushi, have more hobbies than I can keep up with and almost always beat Austin in rummy. 

Jess holds a BFA in Studio Art and Photography from Florida State University. She has extensive experience in logistics and business administration, and is doing rewarding work in the field of sustainability.*



And then there's Cooper. He's the best.

Also, he's undeniably the worst.

When he's not howling at everyone who walks by our window, he enjoys belly rubs and being the cuddliest boy in the whole world.

Nothing in between.

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*We're super passionate about animal welfare and sustainability, and volunteer and contribute to both causes!

Banner photo: Lindsey Boluyt

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