The Drawhorns

2018 Travel Schedule


We're going places in 2018! Here's where we'll be, when

– We're offering $250 mini-sessions along the way! –



Tampa – April 12

Gainsville – April 13

TALLAHASSEE – April 16-17

We'll be in FL for a good friend's wedding and it'll be Austin's first time there! He's heard all the stories and can't wait to see it for himself.



Macon + Atlanta – June 12-13

Heading to Georgia for a post-wedding shindig with some family that couldn't make it to our wedding.



Western US + Canada

Moab, UT – July 30 (sunrise)

Boise, ID – July 31 (Sunrise)

Coastal ORegon – August 1 (evening)

San juan Island – August 2 (evening)

Banff National Park – August 6 (all day)

Glacier National Park – August 7 (evening)

4,000 miles of mountains, lakes, trees, an ocean, and fog.


september 3-6

Our first international trip! We'll be shooting with one of our favorite couples one day, and would love to shoot with another! 



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