Travelogue 02: Desert Road trip

February, 2017

We were wondering how a second crack at road tripping together would go, considering how incredibly perfect our first one was.

This time, we set our sights on Marfa – a very small town in very west Texas with a surprisingly booming arts scene.

Jess had been here a year before for the Marfa Myths festival, but our trip didn’t coincide with its dates. We thought it’d be cool to just see a bunch of cool stuff between here and there and see what the town’s like day-to-day.

Along the way, we stopped off in Roswell, NM for some touristy alien shit, including a stop at the museum there. In short, it’s absolutely brilliant. We also stopped into a dive bar for a beer and chatted with the bar owners (a couple) about the town, about aliens, about life.

Marfa itself was tiny, dusty, real.

Driving in on our first night we were sure to stop by the Prada store which was pretty eerie, and stopped off to see if we could see some of the famous Marfa lights (we think we did…?)

When the festival’s not going on, the town’s full of folks doing their thing. We stopped for some morning coffee at a great shop, and played some cards (one of our traditions – we play speed just about everywhere we go). We did some thrifting, drove around, saw some lovely art at the Judd installation. It was lovely.

Our next stop was Carlsbad Caverns National Park, which was absolutely incredible. If you go, and you should, be sure to take the hiking entrance. The experience of walking down that deep into the dark, into the cold air, was really something. The sense of scale and time are just absolutely something to be experienced.

After seeing the caverns, we drove through El Paso for a hilltop view of the sprawling cities on our way out to White Sands National Monument. It definitely reminded us of Great Sand Dunes National Park back in Colorado, but was even more vast and otherworldly. I had never seen sand like this before, and the vegetation present was beautiful as well. Really dug the minimal pastel color palette of the place.

From here, we began the bee-line home – and along the way, I got the image I had had in my mind and hoped to bring back from the trip – a simple shot of a long desert road.

- Austin