Travelogue 03: SF

December, 2017

A birthday trip to one my favorite cities.

I love SF.

I’m lucky enough to have been there three or four times now, and each time I go I find something new to love about it. I’ll never live there (rent’s ridiculous), but every chance to visit, I’m there.

We used this as an excuse to meet up with some good friends and their adorable son and we couldn’t resist getting in a little family sesh north of the city.

Before then, it was our usual jam – staying with friends when we can, eating all the time, and sight seeing. This is usually half super-touristy stuff (like seeing the Wharf) and just wandering down (and up…) streets and neighborhoods.

These photos are a great snapshot of our travelling style – finding cheap, interesting stuff to do, seeing friends, and dragging them somewhere for photos.

Highlights: Jess found an incredible renovated hotel right in the middle of a bustling/walkable part of town (right next to Chipotle). While aimlessly walking around, I happened to wander down the same street I did years before, finding the same car in the same garage I had photographed previously. Hanging with William (and his parents) is always a blast. Great tacos. Thrifting. Great sunsets. And a trip to a lovely botanic garden.

Also: I would have lost my wedding ring on a pedicab if Jess hadn’t spotted it. Point one Jess!

- Austin