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written by jess

Everyone loves Austin.

Seriously, almost everyone I know has pulled me aside at some point to say “Whoa, Austin is really great." Don’t I know it. Here’s what I love about him:

He’s a great listener; he’ll drive across town to help a friend move a large piece of furniture at a moments notice; he loves to learn and is always seeking ways to get better and better at his craft; he makes the best/worst puns; he’s willing to see the best in people; he is so kind and good every moment of every day; he took my last name when we got married because he understood how important my name is to me.

Austin isn’t just my husband, he’s my friend and business partner too, and he takes all three of those roles seriously.



written by austin 

Jess is my hero.

She’s the kind of person that makes you soup when you’re sick; brings you chocolate when you’re hangry; shoulders what stresses you; celebrates your victories; reminds you of your blessings; dreams up the next adventure; puts legwork into making them happen; snuggles you in cold weather.

Ask any of our past clients how well this translates to her work and they’ll tell you: wonderfully.

I wake up every day the happiest I’ve ever been because she’s my wife.




And then there's Cooper. He's the best.

Also, he's undeniably the worst.

When he's not howling at everyone who walks by our window, he enjoys belly rubs and being the cuddliest boy in the whole world.

Nothing in between.

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*We're super passionate about animal welfare and sustainability, and volunteer and contribute to both causes!

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Sarah: "These photos are breathtaking!"

"You truly captured our wedding better than I could have imagined. I can’t wait to share! 

Thank you so much for helping us create our dream wedding!! We had a wonderful experience and cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work to make it come together in such a short amount of time."

Nikita: "My husband and I wanted something unconventional, memorable, and intimate. And we got everything we could have asked for with these two!"

"Jess was a professional, communicative officiant who understood the depth of what my husband and I shared. Austin’s photography skills are absolutely remarkable. The pictures from that day capture us in such vulnerable, human spaces, and Austin took that love and made it really shine in the photos. I can’t imagine our small ceremony turning out any better! Would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

Jamie: "Holy cow.... these are amazing!!!"

"OMG I can't tell you how excited I am!!! There were so many things I missed that I wanted to see and it's like you were my second and third set of eyes. You captured so many images of love and happiness. I can't get over all of the smiles!!

I will continue to recommend you to anybody that needs a photographer. You did such an amazing job. Thank you thank you thank you for everything."

Bethanie: "Omg stop! These are too good!"

"We can’t thank you & Jess enough for making our day completely effortless! We will cherish that day forever."


"I can't even express how much we love the photos.

We woke up this morning and got to look through them all in bed before we started the day and I love them more and more every time I look. They give me the sparkles in my heart.


Before we left town at the end of December I had so many people already trying to get me to pick them as our wedding photographer (the second we announced our engagement they swarmed!) and I wouldn't want anyone else in the world but you."

David: "oh my goodness!! they're incredible!!"

"You are really gifted and I'm so happy that you were the one to photograph this most special day!

You absolutely knocked our wedding out of the park! We were able to re-live the special day through all of the beautiful photographs you were able to capture. We will keep you in mind for any future engagements. Thank you so much for your hard work and flexibility. You are a very kind person and we appreciate how talented you are. We were very lucky to find you!"

Colorado elopement wedding photographer - The Drawhorns

Julie: "Thank you so much!!!"

"My husband and I scoped out Garden of the Gods the morning of our big day and found what we thought was the perfect location for our vows. We returned a few hours later only to find that the rest of the people in the place thought it was the perfect location too... Drat!

There was nowhere to park and it was stressful, to say the least.

Our new friends, the Drawhorns, called me a few minutes later and said they found a spot! We whipped a u-turn, squeezed in a parking place, and proceeded to hike up the rocky terrain. They did not hesitate to crawl around in the dirt and shimmy up rocks to find the perfect location for our ceremony.

Austin found a wonderful area in front of a magnificently raw and mangled tree. This tree will forever be "our tree".

I am so thankful we picked them as our officiant and photographer. The Drawhorns made our wedding day/elopement absolutely phenomenal.

Much love - Russ and Julie (aka #Rulie)"

Jessica: "These two were hands down AMAZING!"

"From the PERFECT ceremony Jess wrote for us to the AMAZINGLY PERFECT pictures that Austin took!! Everything was perfect for Jay and I. I am still in AWE of how perfect our day was thanks so much to them!! <3

Stay the way you are :)"


Katherine: "I can not say enough nice things about Austin and Jess"

"Our ceremony was just right for us, our wedding photos are absolutely stunning, they were more than accommodating when it came to including our 8 month old son. They were willing to travel a little bit outside of Denver to our location and our photos came back SO quickly! I am beyond glad we decided to do a small, stress free ceremony and I'm equally as glad that we did it with the Drawhorns."

Marla: "Loved my session and loved the results!"

"Austin brought out my best and made it so much fun. The hardest part was deciding which ones to pick. He is amazing and talented. I gave up on being photogenic. I guess I had a few left in me."

Kacie: "Thank you so much for being a part of our day and capturing the special moments!"

"You were awesome and we couldn't be happier that you both were there to help! We love our photos!"

Christina: "OH MY !!!!! we can't stop smiling as we keep looking at all these  photos..."

"You guys did awesome!! Thank you for capturing all the of this. We will be back for sure! Our hope is to come back for our anniversary! We will spread the word!!"


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