B + H | Intimate Elopement at Bread Bar in Silver Plume, Colorado

Early last year, B and Heidi garnered a free photo session thanks to an Instagram giveaway. B took the opportunity to transform our sunrise session into a surprise proposal. (Spoiler alert: she said yes!)

That October, B and Heidi invited us to capture their intimate autumn elopement at the Bread Bar in dreamy Silver Plume. As photographers, it was such a gift to have the opportunity to document B and Heidi’s sweet proposal and their private ceremony. More than anything, we loved connecting with a couple who truly embodies our adventure elopement ethos through their commitment to intentionality, passion for nature, and love for the little things that make life so sweet. 

Before the ceremony, we helped B and Heidi set the space by clearing the furniture and cleaning the room. B created an altar from scavenged seashells, crystals, and talismans that reflected their relationship and Heidi braided together a flower crown from foraged wildflowers. Watching B and Heidi infuse the space with their spirit, I was struck by how intentional and intimate elopements can give couples the cherished opportunity to make a moment theirs. This is especially important for queer couples—Heidi uses the pronouns she/her/hers and B identifies as non-binary—who have historically been marginalized. 

The beautiful ceremony left everyone in tears.  In a navy suit that reflected the dark, dreamy floral wallpaper, B serenaded Heidi with a guitar song. One of the moments we especially enjoy during an elopement is capturing the sheer love when a bride looks at her sweetheart and man, did Heidi deliver! After stowing their guitar, B locked hands with Heidi—killing it in a lace-kissed ivory dress that illuminated her tattoos—and their officiant guided the couple through handfasting and a private unity ritual. 

To celebrate the ceremony, B poured whiskey cocktails from the bar before we made our way through Silver Plume toward an aspen grove on the edge of this historical small mountain town. We snapped a few shots of B and Heidi glowing gold in the shimmering autumn light before visiting their vintage Silver Streak travel trailer to capture this couple at home. 

Jess DrawhornComment