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We’re really just looking to meet good folks, have cool experiences in awesome places, and make great photos to help remember it by.



Why we do this


We really believe in it.

When we got married, we decided against a huge traditional wedding – they're materialistic, performative – very not us.

We chose to elope instead, just the two of us, outdoors in a National Park that's special to us. It’s a place we can (and frequently do) revisit and reminisce about.

Months later we had a get-together to celebrate with friends and family, at the brewery where we first met. There were tacos and donuts and string lights and plants and beer and just the people we love and vows exchanged; it was great.

We're so committed to showing couples that they can have simple, intimate, meaningful, adventurous wedding experiences that stay true to who they are.

This is a landscape panorama from an elopement in Arches National Park in Utah. A road winds its way through a field of desert dirt and rock and bushes, with dramatic arches and rock features on the horizon. In the very far background, a triangular snow-capped peak sits at center.

A damn good team

Jess | written by Austin

Jess is my hero.

She works so hard for the people and causes she cares about. She's incredibly patient and kind. She has integrity. She takes no shit and gets shit done. And she's way funnier than she'll admit.

Jess somehow both encourages me to shoot for the moon while also keeping me grounded. She helps me see joy and beauty in the smallest things, and that happiness is possible, everyday.

I'm lucky to know her. She’s my rock, and she’s my Nugget.


...and in her work? She's the best! Planning, logistics, coordination, guidance, improvisation — there's no one better at what she does; no one that wears as many hats as she wears, as well as she wears them. She's a force.

Jess is also an incredible photographer with a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling. I love her work.

@jessdee |


Austin | written by Jess

Everyone loves Austin.

Seriously, almost everyone I know has pulled me aside at some point to say “Whoa, Austin is really great." Don’t I know it. Here’s what I love about him:

He’s a great listener; he’ll drive across town to help a friend move a large piece of furniture at a moments notice; he loves to learn and is always seeking ways to get better and better at his craft; he makes the best/worst puns; he’s willing to see the best in people; he is so kind and good every moment of every day; he took my last name when we got married because he’s committed to equal partnership.

Austin isn’t just my husband, he’s my best friend, my business partner, my adventure buddy, and my endless source of love and support.


Austin’s work is guided by one solid principle: everyone deserves great photos of themselves. He’s so kind and thoughtful behind the camera – he’ll make you feel like a million bucks before you ever even see your photos.

@austindrawhorn |

Also! Austin recently started shooting birds & wildlife in his free time.


Cooper “Booper” Drawhorn

Our precious 8yr-old dog son.

Besides long walks around the neighborhood and running absolutely fucking wild in deserts, he enjoys belly rubs and being the cuddliest boy in the whole world.

He’s not known to be a particularly good dog, but even still – our lives revolve around him.

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How we work


In short: we’re here for you

Feeling awkward in front of a camera is universal. As we say all the time: it isn't about not feeling nervous — because everyone gets nervous — it's about how you roll with it that makes all the difference.

We definitely experience these things when we're in front of a camera, and we work hard to help folks with these things when they're in front of our cameras.

So we create a space where you can be yourselves, free of judgement & negativity, where you can do only what you want to do. We offer guidance and encouragement. And all we ask is that you kiss and touch and laugh and explore and hold each other the way you always do, because you know yourselves best.

You help each other be yourselves, we'll handle the photos.

And when you look back on them, you'll be seeing real kisses. Real embraces. Real smiles. Real high fives. Real feelings and real moments together in a really incredible place.

Some kind words

A bride and groom kiss, standing among trees and summer brush. The bride is wearing a non-traditional wedding dress with flowers on it, groom wearing a suit.
I had a vision in my head of what eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park would look/be like, and Jess and Austin nailed it.
— Grace
A bride hugs her groom tightly (probably for warmth!). They’re standing near a lake in Rocky Mountain National Park with snow on its shores. Green needles of the trees are overhead.
There aren’t enough words to express how much we cherish the memories we made during our elopement.
— Rebecca
A bride and groom sit side-by-side on a fallen tree trunk, holding hands and cuddling in close. The groom is wearing a suit on the left, a flowery boutonniere on his lapel. The bride is wearing a shorter white dress with a fur wrap and a flower crown. She’s leaning in close, smiling, just about to kiss him.
From the initial phone consultation, we were immediately made comfortable and had our myriad of questions answered – it was nice to know that we could reach out for any reason when we were overwhelmed.
— Brie

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