Additional services

We really, really want to help you have your best wedding, and we offer the following optional services to help make that happen. 


Officiation with Jess

If you're looking for someone to help plan and guide your ceremony, Jess is your person. With your input, she'll write a custom ceremony for you — the kind that resonates and leaves your eyes damp — and then day-of reads aloud and guides you both as you exchange vows, rings, or any other traditions you'd like to include.

There's something about hearing your thoughts spoken out loud that really warms the heart and forms a powerful connection that lasts through the photo session and beyond.



Coverage by a second photographer (Jess)

Looking for additional photo coverage? Getting ready shots beforehand, interesting second angles during the ceremony, tons more candid photos of friends and family, and beautiful detail shots — Jess is an incredibly skilled photographer with a fantastic eye and the charm to match. 

$125 per hour of coverage

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Hair, makeup, flowers, music, catering, more

We've built up a great little network of trusted vendors, and are happy to recommend any or all of them to our clients.

If the thought of coordinating these services seems a bit overwhelming, well, Jess can help with that too!