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Elopement FAQ

Answers for common Questions to help you plan your best wedding and get to know a bit more about our process

Q: Who are you?

Hey! We're Austin and Jess, and we photograph/marry people all over Colorado (and beyond). We're vegan and love travel and the outdoors and our adorable dog, Cooper.  

More about us

Q: Do you perform/photograph LGBTQ+ weddings? 

1000% YES. 

*Q: I'm not super comfortable in front of the camera! Or my partner isn't! What can we do? HELP!

That's totally okay! And super common (so common we wrote a guide about it!). Being comfortable in front of the camera isn't something that comes naturally to most people – we're here to help!

To date we've never shot couples or wedding photos with models – every single one of our clients are normal folks, with normal nerves and human insecurities. We're not here to pretend that this is super easy for everyone.

But we are here to support you throughout the shoot, and to provide plenty of guidance and tips to help you look your best. We've got a knack for creating a space that helps folks to relax, to have some fun, and to stay true to who they are. 

We're on your side and we’re all gonna work together to make the best photos we possibly can.

Q: I’m still thinking I’ll be pretty nervous – cool if I have a drink or two or three before my wedding?

We totally get that a wedding day can be stressful – we’re in this business, and the super-low-key wedding we had (after being married for months) still got our nerves going a bit. A bit of nerves is actually kinda fun.

Here’s the rub though: if you’re not used to how alcohol affects you at altitude, if you’re generally a light-weight, and especially if you’re driving, skip the drinks.

It’s too easy to overdo it, and trust us, you don’t want to be drunk at your own elopement – it ain’t a good look.

We won’t work or hike with you if you’re drunk (or high), so there’s also that.

Q: Who do you work with? 

We strive to be inclusive of all folks, period. We don't discriminate. Love is love.

That said, we prefer to work with folks looking to bring 15 or fewer guests (ideally just the couple).

And we do also keep some off days on the calendar to relax/travel, meaning we don’t (can’t) take on every client that wants to work with us. We tried this one year, and it led to some real burnout.

Q: Where do you work? Would you be willing to travel to X location? 

There are few things we enjoy more than traveling, so no matter where you are, or want to go, odds are we're in!

Q: Are you insured? Do you have backup gear? 

Absolutely! We carry both business owners (general liability + equipment coverage) and professional liability coverage in addition to our backup gear.

Behind the scenes, we work hard to ensure that all bases are covered for the big day and we take this part seriously!

*Q: How do I get a marriage license in Colorado?

The process is easy! We wrote a guide that'll walk you through it

Q: What's the difference between an elopement and a wedding? 

There's definitely some overlap between them, but here's how we see it:

  • An elopement is for the two of you (couple-centric) — you might choose to invite a few close friends or family members, but ultimately it's all about you two. Where, when and how you want to marry your partner with waaaaay less pressure.

  • Weddings are generally more traditional, communal ceremonies of commitment in front of more family and friends (group-centric)

  • Intimate weddings fall somewhere in between the two

Q: Can I bring my kids? ...my dogs? 

Best answer here is maybe! We absolutely believe that no matter what form your wedding takes, everyone you want to have there should be there.

That said:

Very young kids have a way of forming a monopoly on attention during the ceremony and shoot – kids are cute, and we all tend to stare at them the entire time – but this brings the attention away from the two of you and onto them. And then the meltdowns start, and yeah. You’re the best judge on how they’ll do and if you want them along with you!

As for pups: some spots are more dog-friendly than others, and we can help with that. In general National Parks tend to be pretty dog-unfriendly.

Q: Your dog Cooper is TOO MUCH. I can't take it. Can he come along? 

We're right there with you, but Cooper is equal parts adorable and anxious/protective. He'll be snoozing at home. You can follow him on his hashtag though.  

Q: What kind of fitness level is needed for a mountain elopement/wedding?

We can get folks of most ability levels into the mountains for awesome photos. Some of our spots are get-out-of-the-car and you're there, others require hiking a few miles. That said, altitude sickness is very real, and something we take seriously.

Q: What's the best time of day to get married for wedding photos?

About an hour or so before sunset produces even, warm light that's great for backlit photos as well. Once the sun dips just below the horizon, the light's also super even and flattering, and we love shooting from golden hour into this sunset light.

This is generally our go-to time for shoots as it's easy enough on most folks' schedules. 

Earlybirds can catch beautiful light and interesting weather patterns (fog, etc) just before sunrise -- it just takes a little extra planning (and willpower?) to be up and ready to go so early. 

With overcast skies (which produce soft, flattering light), any time is the right time!

If photos are a priority, you'll generally want to avoid the hours of 10AM - 3PM if possible, as this is when the sun is at its highest, the light the harshest, and least flattering. Not to mention the squinting. Though if it's overcast, these times also work great!

Q: What happens if it rains on our wedding day? 

Your comfort is most important! It's always great to have a Plan B, as the weather can turn pretty quickly.

That said, we come prepared to shoot rain-or-shine and our gear is weatherized -- we'll brave it if you're game or follow you indoors! If it's storming/lightning though, that's a no-go.

We're often able to reschedule based on our availability! 

Q: What happens if I get a monster zit on our wedding day?!

Monster zits, and regular zits, always seem to happen at the least opportune times. With the nerves, potential stress, and maybe travel that go into a wedding, zits are common.

Our advice: try to put it out of your mind the best you can.

When we edit photos, removing a zit takes literally just a second or two (per zit, per photo) – and bam, you're back to looking your best. We've got you!

Q: Can you make me look X in Photoshop?

Our editing philosophy is this: we'll help you look as you do on your best day. We don't remove things like wrinkles or curves or scars.

Between our direction during a shoot to help you look your best, nailing the most flattering light possible, and removing any blemishes that pop up (see above), you're in good hands.


Q: Can you suggest a florist/hair/makeup artist? 

Yeah! We've got an ever-growing list of awesome vendors to recommend. Just ask!

*Q: Do you have any tips for writing our wedding vows? 

Sure do! They're kinda stressful for a lot of folks. We wrote a guide that will help!

Q: How many images do you typically deliver, and how will we receive them?

We definitely have a quality-over-quality mindset.

We believe no one really wants to scroll through hundreds-upon-hundreds-upon-hundreds of photos. So we cull the images down for you and deliver only the best.

On average, you can expect 125+ killer images from a 2 hr elopement session. From a 3-4 hour experience, about 175+

Images will be made available to download as full-resolution JPEGs for printing as well as versions optimized for sharing on social media (Facebook/Instagram). 

Q: How do you handle payment? Deposits? Rescheduling? Cancellations?

Payment: We accept PayPal, Venmo, and checks, as well as simple online payment with cards. Ask us for more details! 

Deposit: We ask all clients for 50% of their package total upfront as a non-refundable retainer to secure their date, and that the remaining 50% be paid a week or more before their date.

Rescheduling: Stuff happens, and we're happy to apply the retainer to a rescheduled session as long as we have availability!

Cancellation: Big stuff happens, plans change! Though the retainer is non-refundable, any part of the remaining balance paid will be refunded. 

Q: This all sounds great. What's the best way to reach you? 

Awesome! Check out our handy contact form or shoot Jess an email. Can't wait to hear from you!