Austin | Written by Jess

Everyone loves Austin.

Seriously, almost everyone I know has pulled me aside at some point to say “Whoa, Austin is really great." Don’t I know it. Here’s what I love about him:

He’s a great listener; he’ll drive across town to help a friend move a large piece of furniture at a moments notice; he loves to learn and is always seeking ways to get better and better at his craft; he makes the best/worst puns; he’s willing to see the best in people; he is so kind and good every moment of every day; he took my last name when we got married because he understood how important my name is to me.

Austin isn’t just my husband, he’s my friend and business partner too, and he takes all three of those roles seriously.



Jess | Written by Austin

Jess is my hero.

She’s the kind of person that makes you soup when you’re sick; brings you chocolate when you’re hangry; shoulders what stresses you; celebrates your victories; reminds you of everything you're grateful for; dreams up the next adventure & puts legwork into making them happen; snuggles you in cold weather.

Ask any of our past clients how well this translates to her work and they’ll tell you: wonderfully.

I wake up every day the happiest I’ve ever been because she’s my wife.



And then there's Cooper

He just finished attending a doggie bootcamp(!) and is now by all accounts a pretty damn good boy.

Besides long walks, he enjoys belly rubs and being the cuddliest boy in the whole world.

(the following hashtag is recommended viewing)