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We're Jess and Austin Drawhorn – a wife & husband elopement photography team with heart. We're based in Boulder, CO and available worldwide.








(this is our natural state)


Austin | Written by Jess

Everyone loves Austin.

Seriously, almost everyone I know has pulled me aside at some point to say “Whoa, Austin is really great." Don’t I know it. Here’s what I love about him:

He’s a great listener; he’ll drive across town to help a friend move a large piece of furniture at a moments notice; he loves to learn and is always seeking ways to get better and better at his craft; he makes the best/worst puns; he’s willing to see the best in people; he is so kind and good every moment of every day; he took my last name when we got married because he understood how important my name is to me.

Austin isn’t just my husband, he’s my friend and business partner too, and he takes all three of those roles seriously.



Jess | Written by Austin

Jess is my hero.

She’s the kind of person that makes you soup when you’re sick; brings you chocolate when you’re hangry; shoulders what stresses you; celebrates your victories; reminds you of everything you're grateful for; dreams up the next adventure & puts legwork into making them happen; snuggles you in cold weather.

Ask any of our past clients how well this translates to her work and they’ll tell you: wonderfully.

I wake up every day the happiest I’ve ever been because she’s my wife.



And then there's Cooper

He just finished attending a doggie bootcamp(!) and is now by all accounts a pretty damn good boy.

Besides long walks, he enjoys belly rubs and being the cuddliest boy in the whole world.

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Experiences & locations


We're trying to bring great experiences and beautiful images to real people. All kinds of folks fall in love, which means we get to share all kinds of stories – it's probably our favorite part of the job!


Have something else in mind?

Odds are, we're game. We love to travel and see new places!







Oh hey, it's Jess.

Just hiking up to a glacier.



What we offer


We partner with Simply Eloped, a company that helps people from all over plan awesome, intimate, affordable, elopements.



Our most popular package – normally just the two of you and the two of us, maybe a handful of guests, somewhere gorgeous. A brief, tailored ceremony followed by a portrait session with plenty of direction.

Total time: 1 hour – short and sweet.


This one's new! The two of you, the two of us, hiking out somewhere incredible a bit further off the beaten path.

Combined hike, ceremony, couples session, kayaking/campfire/first dance/etc, all documented in photos.

Total time: Up to 4hrs coverage. 


Not getting married but still want some great photos of the two of you? We'd love to help.

For honeymoons, vow renewals, engagements, or just because, we're there.


Austin will never lose his love of meeting folks and taking their portrait.





We're going places in 2018! Here's where we'll be, when

– We're offering mini-sessions along the way! –



Tampa – April 12

Gainsville – April 13

Tallahassee – April 16-17

We'll be in FL for a good friend's wedding and it'll be Austin's first time there! He's heard all the stories and can't wait to see it for himself.



Macon + Atlanta – June 12-13

Heading to Georgia for a post-wedding shindig with some family that couldn't make it to our wedding.



Western US + Canada

Moab, UT – July 30 (sunrise)

Boise, ID – July 31 (Sunrise)

Coastal ORegon – August 1 (evening)

San juan Island – August 2 (evening)

Banff National Park – August 6 (all day)

Glacier National Park – August 7 (evening)

4,000 miles of mountains, lakes, trees, an ocean, and fog.


September 3-6

Our first international trip! We'll be shooting with one of our favorite couples one day, and would love to shoot with another! 




October 25-28

Austin's first trip out to this seemingly magical place!



November 20-30

Well, damn! We found a killer deal on plane tickets and couldn't say no. To get married or to honeymoon somewhere awesome, why not join us?



Want to work with us at one of these spots?

Or somewhere else?  




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For general questions and comments, feel free to shoot us an email. For booking inquiries, click here.  

We share new photos and stories (and pictures of Cooper) pretty much daily in our Instagram.

Everyone deserves great photos of themselves.
— Our motto