The Drawhorns

Elopement photographers for couples that value experiences together above all


Your wedding can totally be about the two of you, exploring and hanging out and connecting in some awesome place together. 

Not stressing, not performing, not hosting.  

We can help. 


Hey y’all

We’re Jess and Austin Drawhorn — wife & husband adventure elopement photographers based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. That’s Cooper in the background there.

We travel all over together and share a love of being outdoors, living simply, and seeking out new experiences big and small.

We empower couples to get married in a way that stays true to who they are and what they really love: each other, and incredible experiences.

A wedding couple, standing side by side. They’re both wearing rain jackets, as it’s hailing. The bride holds her bouquet at her belly button. They’re both smiling, and the bride is kinda cuddling in with her groom. They’re in a field with large bushes, brush, short grass, and accumulating hail.

How we do things

You don’t get married for the photos — you get photos taken to bring you back to the experiences you love, and all the feelings that go along with them.

We help couples feel comfortable enough to be who they are, how they are, to do what they do – which happens to make for great photos.

And when you look back on your wedding photos in 1, 5, or 50 years, you’ll see yourselves as you were, in that place you can’t forget.


Oh hey, it’s Jess

Just hiking up to a glacier

Some of our work

We help couples have adventurous experiences centered on who they are. All kinds of folks fall in love, which means we get to share in all kinds of stories – it’s one of our favorite parts about what we do.


Katie & Corey

Rocky Mountain National Park

Sarah & Mark


Bethany & Wade


Jana & Mark



There’s more where that came from!


One of the best views we’ve ever seen.


Some kind words

A bride and groom are sitting, kissing under a snowy tree in Colorado. The bride is hugging onto the groom’s arm. She’s wearing a white dress, and he a suit. They’re sitting on a blanket with snow around them.
They made us feel so comfortable and made our morning so memorable.
— Katelyn
A bride and groom are hugging, standing on a frozen lake with an epic mountain view behind them. The bride’s wearing an open-backed dress and carrying a large bouquet.
We both felt like we were hiking with long-lost friends.
— Britnee
A bride in a short blush dress and shiny pink boots side-hugs her husband while holding his hand. She’s leaning her face on his shoulder, smiling, and he’s glancing down at her. They’re in a patch of desert, sand, brush.
The Drawhorns are more than just great photographers – they’re genuine people who care about your experience as much as you do.
— Bethany

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